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With regard the infrastructure, we are operating from Bangalore where our Administrative office is placed mainly in the heart of the city.

Further we have our warehouse situated at Peenya Industrial Area an industrial estate that is reputed to be one of Asia’s largest. Located on Tumkur Road National Highway where there is lot of facilities for easy and quick transportation of Acids and chemicals. The storage facilities are good and taken care with latest technologies as required for Acids and Chemical with regard to its nature.

    Some of the features of the chemicals we supply are:

  • • Accurate Composition
  • • Stable under different conditions
  • • Pure
  • • Highly Effective

Laboratory Analysis:

With due regard to our customer base and in view of delivering quality goods we have a system of testing and analysis based on which the chemicals/materials are inspected and analyzed and thereafter it is dispatched to our customers to suit their requirements in most of the cases.

Modern Chemistry, with its far reaching generalaisations and hypothesis, is a fine example of how far human mind is example of how far human mind can go in exploring unkown beyond the human sense. - Horace G Deming

We spend lot of our time for the purpose of R&D on quality testing, storage, transportation etc on a continuous basis.